Curated Thrift

Our curated thrift is offered to everyone! Exploration of clothes and fashion is a major part of identify formation for many transgender individuals, so we make it a point to have a substantial collection in house. We sort all of our clothes by category — tank tops, long sleeve, jackets, etc… — but not by gender! While we strive to have all forms of clothing — male, female, unisex, gender ambiguous — our collection currently veers towards women’s fashion. Our 3:1 sliding scale applies to all thrift items. You can view our product range and price list here.

Shop Our Merch Store and Gallery

Given our limited shelf space, our collection is carefully curated. Make sure to check out the area we refer to as “The Wall” in the back! We draw our collections from local thrift stores, clearances at Plato’s Closet and other selective venues, and donations. Our capacity to accept donations is limited by our space, so please sign up for our newsletter below, or follow our social media for our focused calls for donations. (Currently, we are still accepting fashionable men’s clothes, plus sized women’s clothes, sweaters, coverups, athletic wear, vintage, goth and cosplay attire, clean G2CB chest binders, and youth clothes centered around non-binary identities. All clothes should be stain free, gently used/no fray, and still have a size tag to facilitate processing.)

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