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Plant-Based and Other Comfort Foods

At Cafe Euphoria, we know transgender and gender nonconforming communities have a complex relationship with home cooking. That’s why we bring familiar meals in a safe space where you can be yourself. All are welcome to join us an celebrate community and great food. In alignment with our mission, Cafe Euphoria offers a 3:1 sliding scale (2:1 on most merchandise) on all food items.
Please see the main board on-site, or ask staff for details.

Click here for our current menu, rotating seasonal menu. We also run specials daily. Talk to the staff for details.


Available All Day

(v) = vegan/plant-based / (vgt) = vegetarian (egg & dairy) / (pesca) =
pescatarian / (meat) = contains meat / (nut) = contains nuts.
Add’l gluent free options (gf) and other dietary accommodations may be available on request.

Breakfast Sandwiches 

Classic (v/vgt, gf option) $7

Egg, cheddar, house avocado aioli on an English muffin or bagel (plain or everything)

The New Yorker (meat / v, vgt, gf options) $10

Bacon, egg, cheddar, tomato, avocado aioli on an English muffin or bagel (plain or everything) (plant based bacon avail.)

+$2 for sliced avocado
+$3 for plant based sausage, bacon, turkey, ham
+$5 for lox
+$3 for hard roll with extra egg & cheese


House Breakfast Burrito $10

Eggs, tofu, sundried tomato, greens, feta, sesame oil, with house avocado aioli and/or adobo(v. spicy) on the side

Classic Breakfast Burrito $10

Eggs, black beans, brown rice, potatoes, house avocado aioli and/or chimichurri sauce on the side

Lunch Burrito $14

Savory burrito loaded with soy chorizo, roasted sweet potato, picked red onion, black beans, cheddar cheese(vgt/v), house made salsa verde, and brown rice. Served with jalapeno mayo(v).

+3 soy chorizo, plant based sausage, ham, turkey, or bacon(meat)

BelgianWaffle  (vgt / v-gf option) $14 

Fresh berries & fruit bourbon compote, whipped cream. Maple syrup on request. (May substitute chocolate syrup for compote)


Three-egg omelet served with salsa verde or sauce of your choice* and fresh Placid Baker ciabatta, or gf toast.(all vgt/ v opt) 

Euphoric $12

Spinach, mushroom, tomato, onion, & cheddar cheese

Western $12

Ham, green pepper, onion, & cheddar cheese

Eastern $12

Sundried tomato, spinach, onion, & feta

Neptune $12

Lightly seared nova lox, spinach, & sour cream

Build Your Own $12+

Choose any 3 veg, 1 cheese (cheddar, swiss, feta, cheddar(v), feta(v))
+1 (ea.) extra veg/+2 (ea.) for any protein

Bagels Your Way

Bagels are plant based

Plain or Everything Bagel $6

With plain(v/vgt) or jalapeno(vgt) cream cheese

The Veg $9

Capers, cucumber, green pepper, red onion & mixed greens

The Protein $12

Lox or plant based protein + one veggie

The Works $15

Includes all of the above!


Available from 11:30am / ~10am on weekends


House Caesar Salad (vgt / v opt.) $7/$13

Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan, Caesar dressing. (gf without croutons).
Side or main

Citrus Salad (vgt / v opt.) $9/$14

Mandarin & blood oranges, avocado, almonds, feta(vgt/v), pickled red onions on a bed of mixed greens with a lightly sweetened miso dressing. Side or main

Arugula Salad (vgt / v opt.) $9/$14

Pickled beets, couscous, roasted sweet potato, feta (vgt/v), house lemon vinaigrette (gf without couscous). Side or main

+$5 for grilled chicken (meat/v), seared shrimp, or smoked salmon (fresh or lightly seared)


LGBTQ (meat / vgt, v opt.) $15

Our fresh take on a classic BLT. Lettuce, Guac (avocado aioli), Bacon(meat/v), Tomato, Queso (cheddar[vgt/v]), and mayo on toasted rye.

Turkey Camembert (meat / vgt, v opt.) $15

Cranberry sauce, vegan mayo, honey mustard, jalapeno, jam, crisp greens on fresh Ciabatta (plant-based turkey & cheddar cheese avail.)

The Helen (meat / vgt, v opt.) $12

Turkey (meat/v), cucumber, mixed greens, feta (vgt/v), Chimchurri sauce on a hard roll( v) or brioche (vgt)

The Trojan (meat / may subst v. turkey) $12

Turkey (meat/v), cucumber, mixed greens, feta (vgt/v), Chimchurri sauce on a hard roll( v) or brioche (vgt)


Chili (v) $5/$8

Hearty gluten free house made chili loaded with black beans, kidney beans, sweet potatoes and spiced to perfection. Topped with scallions. Sour cream(vgt) on request.

Miso Soup (v) $3

Miso, tofu, seaweed, radish, shiitake mushrooms in a gluten free, plant based stock

+$2 Fresh Placid Baker Ciabatta or rice with any soup or chili


Sundried Tomato and
Bacon Mac & Cheese (meat) $14

Deliciously cheesy mac & cheese topped with either bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, or both.

Mac & Cheese (vgt) $11

Deliciously cheesy house made mac and cheese

Masaman (Thai Yellow)
Curry ( v-gf) $14

Carrots, potato, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, peas, coconut milk, spices. Served over white or brown rice, with soy-based pickles.

Small Plates

Dusted Waffle Fries (v-gf) $6

Waffle cut fries dusted with savory seasoning, served with ketchup or Sriracha ketchup(spicy). Note: Takes 15 minutes

Loaded Waffle Fries (gf) $11

Add chili, cheddar, sour cream, jalapeno to above! (may specify exclusions)

Gyoza (v-gf opt avail.) $18

Japanese pan fried dumplings with spicy mustard, wasabi, and soy sauce. 6 per order
Choose: Leek(v), kimchi(pesca), seafood, pork & veg

Hummus (v / gf opt) $8

Creamy and garlicky hummus served with pita chips and/or vegetables (gf as veg only)


Will Change Daily!
Only Available Thurs-Sunday
Call For Daily Specials 
(518) 212-7554

Korean BBQ Rice Bowl $16

(meat/pesca/v options)
Beef, shrimp & tilapia, shrimp only, or tofu(v) with mixed vegetables. (Not gf)

Pulled “Pork” Sandwich   $15

Pulled oats in a savory BBQ sauce, topped with house purple cabbage slaw and green pepper.
Choose: Brioche (vgt), Hard roll (v), or gf bread

Kitsune Udon (v) $14

Thick wheat based noodle in plant based broth

Okonomiyaki $16

A savory Japanese cabbage and scallion pancake with salmon, bacon, or tofu(vgt)

Lentil Curry (v-gf) $16

House lentil curry with spinach, tomato, Basmati rice


Muffin of the Day (ask; may contain nuts)  $4

Chocolate coconut
Cranberry Orange(v)
Pumpkin (v)
Blueberry (v-gf)

Simple Cookies (vgt/v/gf)  $3

Chocolate chip (vgt)
Red velvet (v)
Rainbow sugar cookies (v)
London Fog Cookies (v)
Snickerdoodle Cinnamon Chai Cookies (v-gf)

Lemon Lavender Shortbread  $3

with Matcha Glaze

Ice Cream Sandwhich $4.50

Can be made with our available ice cream and cookies!

Vanilla Ice Cream (vgt)  $3

(+1.5 with blueberries & blueberry compote)

Sorbet with Fruit  $4.50

(lemon, raspberry, or combo)

Fruit and Nut Granola Parfait (vgt/v)  $6

Double Chocolate Brownie (vgt)  $3

a la mode, +1.5


Coffee  $3.25

Iced Coffee  $3.75

Juice  $3.50

Orange or Grapefruit, 10 oz

Soda or Seltzer  $2

Sparkling Water Bottle  $6

San Pellegrino Soda  $2.75

Bottled Soda  $4

Energy Drink (2:1 merch discount only)  $3.50

Fruit Smoothie  $6

mango (vgt), green apple kiwi (vgt) or apple blueberry (v, nut), 10-12 oz


Hot Chocolate  $4

Can be made vegan with dark chocolate and alternative milks, or basic with milk chocolate and dairy milk!

Strawberry Lemonade  $6

Refreshing lemonade topped with fresh, house-made strawberry syrup.

Lavender Menace  $6

Sweet & light lavender lemonade topped with butterfly peaflower tea

Strawberry Matcha Latte $6

House strawberry syrup mingled with oat milk and matcha.


Oat milk, whole milk, skim milk, almond milk, soy milk available.
All available iced, no extra charge

Espresso  $3.50

(double shot standard)

Cortado  $4.25

Cappuccino  $4.50

Latte  $4.75

Mocha  $5

Red Eye  $4.50

Americano $3.50

Affogato  $6

double shot poured over vanilla ice cream


Extra shot (Single/Double)  $1.50/2

Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Amaretto

Basic Syrups  $0.50

Specialty House Syrup   $0.75

Lavendar, Pumpkin Spice


Tea  $3.25

Iced Tea  $3.75

black or vanilla chai

London Fog  $5

Early Grey, vanilla syrup, steamed milk

Chai Latte  $5

Matcha Latte  $5

Matcha  $4.75

(ceremonial grade)

Dirty Chai $6.50

chai latte with double shot espresso

From Our Community

Awesome vibes, home cooking, great people

– Mark M.

Truly an amazing place. Wonderful food and owner. Having a trans-affirming space is wonderful for Troy, and the pricing system means that it is significantly more affordable than it would otherwise seem on low incomes.

– Maxerature

Cafe Euphoria is a warm and welcoming gender inclusive space. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The food was fresh and delicious. The service was great and the seating is cozy. The selection of pride flags was substantial.

– Gemma M.