Shapeshifters Art Opening and Book Launch

by | Mar 20, 2024

 Press Release Shapeshifters Art Opening and Book Launch – Troy, N.Y., March 3rd, 2024. 

A person is facing away from the camera on the ledge of a river. Their white back has a circle painted in black and brown.

Café Euphoria is pleased to announce an art show opening and the official book launch of Shapeshifters: Bodies Like Water, a celebration of the trans, gender-fluid, non-binary, and gender non-conforming cultural experience.

The combined exhibit is a work of Trans Liberation featuring photography that reflects the stories of seven different queer artists. The book is “a loving mirror of celebration and inquiry for the parts of ourselves that . . . seek to expand the shapeshifter in all of us.” Each artist shares their story of self-realization and separation from society’s predetermined ideal(s) of gender.

The art will not be for sale but limited copies of the book will be available for purchase on a sliding scale pricing tier. Prints of the art can be purchased by contacting Body Artist & Photographer, Jenny Zander

The featured artists are Gayatri Narayanan, Tom Toni Parker, Ro Lorenzen, Sharon Day, Natalia Patiño, BakiBakiBaki Porter, Rox Anderson, and Jenny Zander


 Art Opening-March 29th, 6-8 PM – 225 River Street. Refreshments available

Book Launch– May 25th, 5:30-7 PM – 225 River Street. Refreshments available

Media Contacts 

Kate Curry 
Cafe Euphoria 

Jenny Zander

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